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India Today
Presentation of the artistic project
Performance composed, conceived and directed by Ravi Prasad under the high patronage of Indian Embassy.
A musical, visual and cinematographic creation, an artistic vision of contemporary India and of its contrasts. 25 artists : indian and western musicians, dancers, circus artists, singers, an indian martial arts master)

* * *

The creation « India Today »
An artistic vision of contemporary india and of its contrasts
India Today composes a sonic landscape, mixing electronic music (reproducing noises and recorded sounds of India), indian traditional instruments and voices (soloists and choir), built on a sonic, graphical and cinematographic universe based on indian movies (from old movies to Bollywood), interacting with the bodies on stage. This colorful fusion represents his vision of contemporary India.

From the indian cinema of the golden age that he loves, Ravi Prasad uses the fantasy, the naïveté of the images, mixing them up, in a graphical and scenical elaboration, with reality and with the present in order to express the discrepancy between dream and reality, to relate today’s india and to express a fundamental human need: dreaming and hoping.

Ravi Prasad has experienced the profound changes in the indian society, where tradition and modernity are inseparable. To evoke this, he has chosen scenes from indian movies, keeping “silhouettes” and reworking, reinventing them by means of digital technology. Through different transformations of the cinematographic image, he recreates the movie according to his imagination. The artists of the live performance (25 artists, indian and western musicians, dancers, circus artists, singers, an indian martial arts master) will enter the image, adding relief, an additionnal dimension, mingling the real and the virtual in a subtle way.

Certain elements of the performance insist on the integration and enhancement of people with disabilities through the artistic and virtual dimension

Who is Ravi Prasad?
Ravi Prasad is a singer, native of Kerala (india), poly-instrumentalist and composer.
Known as a carnatic singer (sacred music of south india), he settled in France in 1985 and naturally took an interest in all forms of western music.
Ravi Prasad is an eclectic and dynamic artist. He draws his inspiration from the millennial tradition of his native country.
On his singular musical path, he realized creations and encounters blending indian music with other forms of music (contemporary music, electronic music, jazz, flamenco...) And other forms of artistic expression (danse, circus, theater...).

His most important creations / collaborations
Creation of the symphony Mythia, presented at the Unesco for it’s 50th anniversary (with 120 artists on stage) and at the Olympia in paris (1996). In partnership with Odyssud (Blagnac).
Composer for the Atlantic Ballet of Régine Chopinot (1997 à 2002).
Collaboration with Talvin Singh (2002) and DJ Goze (Buddha Bar III - 2003) in the REALM of Electronic Music.
Creation « Nilgilris » with the Z Quartett (musicians of the Orchestre National de France). The Radio france cd was released in april 2010;
Musical director and composer of the indian music of the show “Flamenco India” directed by Carlos Saura (created in Valladolid, Spain, october 2015).

Ravi Prasad : artistic director
mail : contact@raviprasad.net

Hélène Mathey : administrator
mail : contact@raviprasad.net
tél: 05 61 80 15 36 / 06 08 15 83 25

Isabelle Segura : project/sponsoring coordinator
mail: isegura@free.fr
tél: 06 08 02 56 45

Monique Mohon : graphics / booking
mail : contact@espaceraviprasad.com
tél: 05 61 80 15 36

Association Indian Song
Non-profit association, authorized to receive donations
Address : L'Espace Ravi Prasad, 43 Rue Roland Garros 31200 Toulouse
mail: contact@espaceraviprasad.com
tél: 05 61 80 15 36


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